Saturday, March 12

it’s the little things

One day, a sleep deprived girl,
who needed a creative outlet,
decided to write something.
Then she uploaded
what she wrote on the internet and
it’s the little things
blog was born.

That was one year ago today!

A big "Thank You” to you,
my loyal readers, for encouraging me
to keep writing and to keep sharing.
I really enjoy writing, taking pictures and
sharing my journey with you.
The goal with this blog truly is to share
a smile, ideas, laughter and encouragement
and like my last post; hope.

Thank you for coming back to check in on my blog!

Cheers to a year full of growth and change.
May you too, put into action your dreams and
find an outlet for your gifts and talents!

Below is a composite of some of
my favorite pictures over the last year.

It truly is the little things!

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