Wednesday, November 30

The Library Phantom returns…

I love this story.

A little magic, a little mystery, and a smile for all.

A small tribute to the wonder of books and to the libraries around the world.


And do you remember this book a while back?

A Treasure's Trove: A Fairy Tale about Real Treasure for Parents and Children of All Ages

crochet...Kipper...and a fever

The youngest fell sick today with a fever. So as we read books, rested and watched some Kipper videos I did a bit of crocheting. In my imaginary spare time, I have been learning some basic crochet techniques. Art of crochet by Teresa has some very good tutorial videos. She explains what she is doing, what size hook she is using and then shows the technique in slow motion. I like learning this way. I am thinking of crocheting a blanket out of extra yarn that I have been given and some that I have had around the house for a while. I have been inspired by this blanket.

source: lemondedesucrette

No, my blanket will not look like this. I have three boys. Nothing in the house stays white for very long. If I follow through with the blanket idea, it will have a darker border. We’ll see. So far, I have learned to do a flower, a granny square and a basket weave.

My six-year-old showed interest two weeks ago and has crocheted two rows with help. And today, my eight-year-old asked if I could teach him to crochet so he can make a blanket for his stuffed monkey. He is making progress with a rainbow design with some help too. If my little boys can do it...then you can too! If you are interested check out Teresa's videos!

Monday, November 28

DIY Advent calendar

If you still haven’t bought/made an Advent calendar and you need a little inspiration, check out the following links.

This lovely link is my post inspired by a peek inside the fishbowl! I customized my envelopes to fit our crazy December schedule last year! It was fun! It worked for us! And I am doing it again!

For a cute, free, printable set, check out mrprintables idea!

If you don’t have time to make one, swing over to Etsy and buy this adorable Advent banner with little gifts inside created by GraySparrow!

This adorable felt calendar over at the Purl bee is cute too! Love the Colors!

And Family Fun Magazine has an easy but cute way of counting down the days! Lots of little green trees!

Have fun!

I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

I’ll post some pictures from our weekend tomorrow!

Thursday, November 24

being thankful

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

For those of you who have lost loved ones, I pray that you will remain strong and focus on the positive things that person taught you and try to emulate their best qualities.

To those of you who have loved ones away from home, serving our great country, I say thank you for your incredible sacrifice. I pray too that you would remain strong, ask for support when you need it and find creative ways to stay focused on the tasks at hand.

Ultimately, I have so much to be thankful for, I could write a book. But mostly, I am thankful for a God who loves me and brings me true joy and hope. (Notice that I did not say happiness) For me that is the only reason to wake up in the mornings, kiss my three boys, endure incredible hardships, to forgive myself and others and…….notice and appreciate the little things!

I would encourage you to think of one person to call to encourage today or even to drop off some pumpkin bread.

One small act of kindness has an amazing impact.

Not only on the person receiving but the one giving.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 22

a cave and a swing

As the cold settles into November and the sun slips out of sight earlier and earlier each evening, I begin to wander and search for a cave like a fluffy, little bear. The cold makes me desperately want to hibernate. Around two o’clock, I want nothing more than to take a nap and snuggle deep under covers in a dark, quiet room, for a long, long time.

Alas, at two o’clock, I have, what seems to be – two “spring chickens” hatching and flapping their wings, hunting for ways to burn off energy.

So, I bought a swing.

A swing for inside.

I know…inside?

We are fortunate enough to have a basement and I have had my eye on this IKEA swing for several years.
I finally bought one and attached it to the steel I-beam in the basement.

The boys love it. The cousins love it. My kitchen floor loves it. I love it! After a full week my husband loves it!

Now, on a rainy day, the little ones can burn off that energy constructively.

It is nice to hear them laugh and giggle downstairs and negotiate whose turn it is and how many minutes they get this time.
They have of course come up with one safe game – throw the “yarn sea urchin” at the person on the swing. And because they are boys; the unsafe game – throw-the-cool-paper-airplane-that-‘only-Grandpa-can-make’ at the person on the swing.
What is the saying…."It’s only fun and games until someone loses an eye!" well, I’ll keep you posted.

And I will leave you with a song my mother used to sing to me when she pushed me on a swing.

A swing, a swing is the best of fun,
For taking a ride in the sky.

You need no engine for a ride,
Just give a push and away you go,

Look out below,
Away you go,
You’re taking a ride in the sky.

I still sing it to my boys!

Now for that cave…..

my spring chickens

my grandmother and her pet bear

Tuesday, November 15


things I am enjoying right now:

crocheting warm, fuzzy things to keep my family warm and toasty
walks in the woods with my boys
the smell of Fall
pink cheeks
cozy sweaters
leaves changing colors
crunchy leaves under my feet (outside)
not being sick
my six-year-olds excitement over his first loose tooth
looking forward to Thanksgiving
baking cookies with the boys
flowers from my man.....xoxo
watching my oldest son pass along to others things he has learned

things I am not enjoying right now:

earlier sunsets
cold settling through the house in the evening
wanting to start a hundred projects at the same time
little boys red, chapped lips
the Mt. Vesuvius pile of coats/hats/mismatched gloves/scarves that grows daily
38 new whistling NERF-gun bullets lying around the house (thanks, honey)


Some random pictures of stuff we have been doing…

(this button is a tiny snapshot of a future post)

I love this sign!


and a random post...

Thursday, November 10

a quicky

This has been my quicky-breakfast this week:

plain bagel,

pumpkin cream cheese,

topped with almonds.


I know it is not the healthiest breakfast
but it is better then reaching into this 'evil' bowl.