Thursday, March 20

I am...





Tuesday, March 4

She is here!!!

The Lord blessed us with a healthy baby girl, January 30th! She came early and quickly too! With a short and uneventful labor she was in my arms so quickly I could hardly believe I was holding my daughter! My husband and I are thrilled as are our three sons! I’ve cried tears of joy over the last month as I gaze at this beautiful gift we were given.  She is a nursing champ and has already gained her birth weight back!

We have been overwhelmed with love by our family, friends, church family and neighbors. Through baby gifts, home-cooked meals, phone calls, play dates for the younger boys, diapers and loaves of bread! Each one has touched our hearts reminding us that we are truly blessed!
My husband has really stepped up to the plate again juggling the household chores, caring for me, entertaining the boys and, yes, changing diapers! He is a great husband and I am so thankful for him and all that he does.

Our little girl has colic most evenings.  Those are long days.  So we take turns rocking her and walking her around the house in the late evening.   She loves the sound of running water so I expect our water bill to be higher this month.  The Baby Book by Dr.William Sears has been a life saver.  I read his book when I had my last two sons and have been re-reading it again! He has such great practical advice…I highly recommend this book!

I have never bought a baby sling before.  But this little girl loves to be held and my back was beginning to get really sore…I finally just ordered one. Dr. Sears recommended the adjustable Balboa Baby Sling.  I love it, she loves it and my back loves it!  

Boy, I forgot how tired one gets in the evening when you have been up and down with night feedings! Each week I have felt a little better!

Everyone is adjusting to this new family member and our new schedule!

The boys have been very, very patient and I compliment them often as it has really helped me recover faster.  They keep themselves busy playing computer games, Legos and the Wii and also reading. They are in love with her and ask to hold her often.

My oldest son has come up to visit twice and has fallen in love with her too! He is so, so good with her!
I am really looking forward to some spring like weather so I can take this little one on walks!
Well, I'm off to take a little nap!