Thursday, July 29


A bittersweet evening….our youngest has reached yet another milestone in his race for independence. We don’t have a swing set so we skip on over to our neighbor's yard (Don and Cathy) and ride through the air there. My youngest loves to have Mr. Don push him high on the swing. He squeals with laughter as Mr. Don patiently pushes him yet again! Well, gone are those days. Tonight he has learned to pump his feet and swing himself. He is thrilled, Thrilled!!!!

Finally he can do one more thing just like his older brothers!

3 little things

My oldest son was cutting the grass in the back yard when three little things hopped out of their home. They were three little bunnies and so very cute! He scooped them up to show his younger brothers before he tucked them safely in their tiny home again.

I have a feeling we will be sharing our garden with these little visitors very soon!

Saturday, July 24


As bedtime was drawing near, my boys reminded me that I said they could have their piece of cheesecake after dinner tonight. I set out their desserts and did some last minute picking up before my body refused to move any further. At some point, my middle son asked if I could wrap up his cheesecake for tomorrow because he was full. Half listening I said sure as I scooted them off to Never Never Land. After prayers, a song and another little cup of water I shuffled back through the kitchen and saw this…

This is the rest of the cheesecake he wanted me to wrap up for him for tomorrow! It must have been a really, really good cheesecake!!!

Saturday, July 10


This is me zipping through the house getting ready for my middle son’s birthday party tomorrow! I put a pair of wings on to help me flit faster. It did make me smile as I dusted, organized a gazillion piles and stashed random objects that strayed from their homes. I will post pictures of the party later….it’s a LEGO® theme!!

A big shout out to my cousin, Anthony, who is home from Afghanistan! Thank you, Anthony, for your service and sacrifice!!!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, July 2

pink art

I recently came across this piece from a little known artist. I kind of like it. Can you name the artist and medium used?