Thursday, March 24

Sew, a needle pulling thread

So I ended up getting my very own sewing machine
for my birthday!
I am very excited!
I did some research online,
asked other friends about their machines and
also talked to a professional seamstress.
The advice I got was great:

Buy a sewing machine that…

- can last a long time (like a lifetime)
- is heavy and won’t move across the table while sewing
- the motor should be strong enough to hem jeans
- comes with attachments (i.e. a zipper foot, button hole stuff)
- you can try out and return it if you don’t like it

I ended up purchasing a Kenmore sewing machine.
That is the brand I have borrowed over the years
and feel the most comfortable using.
So far, it has been fun testing it out.

Also, a good friend of mine gave me

a lot of material to practice with.

Thanks Joyella!

Now, where do I go to purchase

'uninterrupted time' to sew stuff?


Here is a fun video that has been on the internet

for a while, but it still makes me smile.


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