Tuesday, March 8


I have been going to bed a bit earlier than usual, hence the lack of posts. Thanks, for checking back though! : )

I really can’t organize my thoughts and ideas until there is absolute quiet in the house. And, unfortunately, that means I have to wait until about 11:30 at night. And even then, there is no guarantee of not being interrupted.

We have been battling illness for some time. It has been wearing me down balancing the nursing hat longer than usual among the others I toss on and off.

I was able to grab a quick bite with my sister on the dreariest of grey, rainy days. We laughed, gabbed, ate and drank and ran through a typhoon back to our cars. It was good to wear the sister hat for a couple hours which makes it easier to put the nursing/mother hat back on with a smile.

This week, during another rainy day, the boys and I pulled out the block box. We set up villages and towns and grabbed some figures to occupy them. I smiled as I pulled out these blocks that I glued wiggly eyes to last year during a spat of inspiration.

if only I could keep my eyes open like this all day

If your little ones are past the oral phase, this idea might keep you amused during the endless hours of floor play and/or inspire some other form of creative play altogether.

These blocks ended up being “Spy Statues” in the town of Niceville!

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