Friday, August 27

I think I can, I think I can...

Ooooooooh…I borrowed my mother's sewing machine! I forgot how lovely it is to sew. The creative juices are flowing yet again! I love it!

It has been years since I sewed something other than a pillow case for the boys. I just might have to whip up a cute skirt for myself! But first things first! For some reason, my youngest thinks I can actually sew and has been asking me for months to make him a cape. I put it off long enough and finally I am sitting down to see if I can even remember how to thread the machine. It is all coming back (slowly) so we’ll see! Pictures of my boy whizzing past my camera wearing some sort of cape…will be taken soon, then posted. I promise.

Saturday, August 21

c h o c o l a t e

YUM! If you loooove chocolate and dream of chocolate at night like I do then you just have to make this Pine Bark. It is fast, easy breezy and De-licious! Check out the recipe at Sarah’s blog! You will not regret it! Have an awesome weekend!!!!

Tuesday, August 17

easy as pie

We have carrots in our garden this year! I don’t know why I thought they would be difficult to grow. They really have been the easiest plants thus far. This is all we did.

1. Plant carrot seeds
2. Water
3. Weed
4. Watch
5. Pull, Wash and Eat

The kids have been so excited watching the carrots grow. I think we’ll do it again next year! So easy...

Saturday, August 14


Wikipedia’s definition of an egg slicer = a food preparation utensil used to slice peeled, hard-boiled eggs quickly and evenly. An egg slicer consists of a slotted dish for holding the egg and a hinged plate of wires or blades that can be closed to slice.

A mother’s definition of an egg slicer = a sneaky way to get the children to eat the entire hard-boiled egg!

Friday, August 13


This is one of the many reasons I married my husband.

These are my striped, winter, over-the-knee-socks that he asked if he could borrow. I snapped this picture as he was walking out the door to teach. Of course, I was laughing so hard and trying not to pee my pants while focusing the camera.

I have always been a little envious of his guts to pull off a joke. I really like having fun and being silly with my family. But in public, I am just a bit reluctant to throw caution to the wind and go for it! He did wear these silly socks to work and produced smiles and laughs and even received a “Thank you. I really needed a good laugh today!”

Thanks, Honey, for brightening my day!