Monday, January 31

tread softly

I found TED a while back
and will admit I am quite addicted to the talks.

In fact, the different talks about
following your passion and giving back
is partly what took me over the edge
from thinking about starting a blog
to actually jumping in and just doing it.

So far, Sir Ken Robinson has challenged me the most.

He is very passionate about education and his words echo in the back of my mind as I teach my seven year old throughout the day.

Have a listen.

It is about 18 minutes long, but well worth it!

Wednesday, January 26

the letter "S"

This post is brought to you by the letter “S”

Baltimore’s weather report was calling for about

four inches of snow.

We got a lot more than what was predicted.

The boys were thrilled.

Their daddy was off from work! We went out and shoveled, threw snowballs, went sledding and built a snow slide/ramp.

Since the snow was perfect for packing, the boys built their own snowman.

I did have to rescue its’ head after they pushed too hard putting the eyes on.

Thankfully, I threw some pork into the slow cooker before I went to bed last night.

I made some delicious barbeque pulled pork in the morning after it simmered for hours.

I also boiled what was left of a whole chicken to make some homemade chicken soup in the afternoon.

The house smelled like

someone was slaving away

in the kitchen all day.

And I wasn’t!

Some snow days run smoother that others and this day ran smoothly.

It was a good day!

Hope you are safe, cozy and warm!

Tuesday, January 25

pink cheeks

Here are my boys
coming in from the snow;
pink cheeks
ready for a
cup of hot chocolate!

last winter

and this winter

Sunday, January 23

a little orange thing

You are walking through a room, you look down and see this little, orange LEGO and think…

a. I should pick this up and put it away before someone steps on it.

b. this would be awesome on the tip of a rocket

c. when did they start making this cool color for LEGO

d. this would fit perfectly up my nose

e. none of the above

If you were my youngest son you picked “d.”.

Yup, I can’t really follow what train of thought led him to the final act, but, he did.

On Friday night, I tucked him in bed, said our prayers and sang a slow, quiet song that was supposed to send him off to the Land of Nod.

Not quite.

He quietly tiptoed out and said he was too hot in his polar fleece, footed pajamas and asked if he could change.

Somewhere, in the process of changing, he found this tiny, orange LEGO and decided to stick it in his nose.

He knew what he did was wrong right away.

He came out crying and told us what he did.

My husband and I glanced at each other (the way spouses do in these kinds of moments) as we jumped out of our chairs.

My husband looked in his nose and couldn’t see anything and I went to the bathroom to get the tweezers.

I had visions of going to the E.R. and having to explain why we were there. I saw myself saying some joke about ‘little boys’ to ease the sting of paying a fifty dollar fee for retrieving a little, orange LEGO.

** I could buy a nice LEGO set for fifty dollars! **

We were very fortunate that this piece came out on its own pretty quickly.

I think the crying helped lubricate the inside of his tiny nose and the shape of the LEGO made it easier to exit his left nasal passage.

Hopefully this experience has left a memorable imprint which will discourage him from attempting it again.

If not, I’ll have him read this post! Hee, Hee!!!

Friday, January 21

Top five reasons why...

We went to the pediatrician's office yesterday and today we got the call….. my middle elf has strep throat! Yuck!

Top 5 reasons why I do not like going to my pediatrician’s office:

1. The wait is very, very long.
2. We have to sit on germy chairs.
3. We have to sit next to germy people. (including mine, when they are sick)
4. I have to pack two bags of books to make it though the long wait.
5. I have to bring snacks, drinks and usually a lunch because we get so hungry from the long wait.

Top 5 reasons why I like going to my pediatrician’s office:

1. My pediatrician ROCKS!!
2. She has three boys too. She can sympathize, relate, advise, laugh and roll her eyes with me.
3. She makes hospital visits and will take my rare, direct, phone call in an emergency.
4. The staff ROCKS!! They are extremely busy, but extremely patient and kind. They always have a smile.
5. I have gone to her for 21 years. I trust her. She is so worth the wait!


Since it has been a blah-kind-of-day here, I am going to post some pictures that make me smile!

I could look at peonies all day

I like him

I love gerbera daisies.

My oldest doing what he loves best

silly boys

red and white stripes

random things I find in my kitchen

no explanation needed


Have a great day.

Give someone a free smile today!

Wednesday, January 19

ice, forced hiatus and zip lines

Freezing rain covered parts of Maryland
today and that included us.

I snapped these pictures of our trees and bushes.

It really was beautiful.

And, yes,

our Christmas lights are still up.

We do not leave them up all year round.

We just aren’t in a hurry to pack everything away just yet.


Tuesday morning I actually felt like myself and not a couch cushion . I got some stuff done around the house and was able to get some groceries. It actually feels good to do normal things after a forced hiatus.


Last night, I was checking out some of my favorite websites and stumbled across this blog,

Made by Joel, by artist Joel Henriques.

I love it!

He has a great (green) ideas, free templates and cute videos.

They are simple yet very creative. I also love it because it comes from a father’s perspective of making things and interacting with his kids….

like the pirate ship in a walnut shell.

I like the twist.

I really like the woodpecker, the paper dollhouses in a mint box

(Great for those unexpected long waits with children!)

and my favorite, the zip line!

Great stuff to keep little hands busy!

Sunday, January 16

white fluffy mountains...white fluffy mountians...

I am sick.

It was trailing me on Sunday,
catching up to me Tuesday night and by
Thursday it snuggled in to stay.

Friday night it faked an exit
and slammed me again Saturday night!

Yup, I was on the couch all Thursday and today too!

As a mother, I cannot afford to take time off.
Things accumulate and piles multiply at an insane pace.
Laundry doesn’t get done and lists……
“What lists? I’m just blindly feeling for a Kleenex!”

I really, really dislike being sick.

My thoughts/dreams dance wildly about
with the random sounds that pull me out of my half-sleep.

I glance at the growing mountain of Kleenexes.

My burning eyes close

and I start visualizing things

I could make out of that white fluffy mountain.

So for now, I am consuming chicken soup, a ton of orange juice and rest, lots of it! Also, a bunch of TLC from my very patient and kind husband and my boys!

My youngest keeps tucking Elizabeth gently in my arms.

Too cute!

I’m off to grab another Kleenex!

I hope you are well!

Saturday, January 15

Dream Big!

We had a little New Year’s Eve get together.
I hung up a blank 2011 New Year’s Resolution poster for guests to fill in.
People wrote some things they wanted to do over the next year and some wrote some things they wanted other people to do.

My favorite resolution is my nephew’s.
He is five.
He has bright blue eyes and golden,
blond hair that frames
his sweet, little face.
He is a bundle of energy
and can keep up with the fastest cousins.

I bundled him up before he raced out the door to see the fireworks at midnight.
Before he zoomed out, I leaned down and asked him what he wanted to do this next year.
Without skipping a beat,
he smiled real big and said,
“I Want To Fly!”

Let’s not forget to Dream Big this year!

Wednesday, January 12


I visited the Emerson Bromo-Seltzer Tower in Baltimore
this past weekend with my mother and sister!

I have driven past the tower many times but this was my first time inside!

It has been a Baltimore landmark since it was built in 1911.

It was built by Captain Isaac Emerson,

the inventor of the headache remedy Bromo Seltzer.

The Baltimore Office of Promotions & The Arts is now using the space for visual and literary artists. They have Open Studio days where you can view and purchase works of art. It was great to talk with local artists and see their work.

the view from the 15th floor

a sign

this is me pretending not to listen to the sign


My sister and I picked up a couple prints from this fantastic photographer,

Janet Little Jeffers!

She was so nice to talk to and her photographs are just stunning.

Check out her website.

my mom and my sister

If you do visit, hopefully, you will have the pleasure of talking with Joe.

Apparently, he is going to be famous one day?!

Anyway, Joe is a great story teller and is very passionate about his work at the Bromo-Seltzer Art Tower!

He has some great stories about this building and the original owner!

Thanks, Joe!


We ended the evening at the Desert Café for dinner!

I love this place!

They have great tasting, healthy food at affordable prices!

Check out their hummous!!

Monday, January 10

let it snow

I am wondering
just how much snow
we will get tomorrow.
This was a picture
from last year’s blizzard!
Stay safe and warm!
(a little link for snowy days)

Friday, January 7


Check out this note to the Tooth Fairy!

Very cute, Kaaren.

I love Micky’s expression!!!

Thursday, January 6

a beautiful life

A beautiful photo, in honor of a beautiful life.

For Matt, his family and his loved ones

If there are people

that you love in your life;

tell them.

Let them know

how much you care for them

and how much they mean to you.

Tuesday, January 4

feeling at home

Elizabeth is feeling very comfortable in our house.

I actually found her
on the computer this morning.

She was checking out this blog.

Glad she feels at home here!

Monday, January 3

outside places

Yesterday, we bundled up the kids in the afternoon and headed toward a reservoir to hike, throw rocks and burn off some pent up energy.
It was fun!
The boys love this kind of “adventure!”
The sunset was breathtaking!


an empty home

throwing rocks


beautiful sunset


It was a gorgeous way to end the evening.