Thursday, February 10

pipe cleaners

Yesterday, for my birthday,
my youngest boys blew up balloons
before I woke up,
but they couldn’t tie them.

I could just see their little faces
as they sat there in the dining room
holding the balloons and thinking what to do next.

All of my boys are creative
and I have always encouraged them to work
with the obstacles they face.
I believe that obstacles can be a great way
to learn, grow and develop character.
There are many times when I have to think
“out of the box” to get around a tricky obstacle.

I smiled when I came into the kitchen
and saw balloons set out on the table
tied with pipe cleaners.

I was so proud of their ingenuity

and their problem solving skills.

What a great gift it was to see them

growing up and being resourceful

and not running to get rescued.

I was also impressed with the color choices

of the balloons and the pipe cleaners!


Some of the best gifts I received this week

could not be wrapped.

Of those,

one took a lot of hard work, courage and self-discipline

and some were simply selfless acts and kind words.

I treasure those things in my heart

more than anything money can buy!


Here are some pipe cleaner crafts that are worth checking out!

A little heart garland


finger puppets

Paper heart headband


And a cool, vintage, hot, pink hat at Etsy! Wow!

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