Friday, March 18

kitchen table fun

I like to keep an activity out on the kitchen table
for the kids to get into that is fun, educational and not too messy.
This is one of them.

In art we have been going over primary and secondary colors and working on some art projects along that theme. I had this plastic organizing container that I was no longer using and I put some water in each square (You could also use a white ice cube tray). I put McCormick's red food coloring in one square, yellow in another and blue in another.

I gave them a plastic dropper and a little bowl of water to rinse it in and let them experiment.

What I like about this activity is that they can do it at their own leisure and come back to it through out the day adding more color to different squares. They loved the different shades of color and the dropper and it kept them occupied during this rainy week.

It was fun to walk by and see the transformation of colors.

Some of the combinations looked like paint samples or sample color schemes.

Ten minutes here and fifteen minutes there add up throughout a long, rainy day for a parent. If it totals forty-five minutes of quiet play for one child and thirty minutes for another child it is well worth it.

The trick is not to leave it out all the time. Put the activity away for several weeks and rotate something else fun. If you have ten simple activities that you can rotate every so often then you can keep them pretty interested.

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