Wednesday, January 19

ice, forced hiatus and zip lines

Freezing rain covered parts of Maryland
today and that included us.

I snapped these pictures of our trees and bushes.

It really was beautiful.

And, yes,

our Christmas lights are still up.

We do not leave them up all year round.

We just aren’t in a hurry to pack everything away just yet.


Tuesday morning I actually felt like myself and not a couch cushion . I got some stuff done around the house and was able to get some groceries. It actually feels good to do normal things after a forced hiatus.


Last night, I was checking out some of my favorite websites and stumbled across this blog,

Made by Joel, by artist Joel Henriques.

I love it!

He has a great (green) ideas, free templates and cute videos.

They are simple yet very creative. I also love it because it comes from a father’s perspective of making things and interacting with his kids….

like the pirate ship in a walnut shell.

I like the twist.

I really like the woodpecker, the paper dollhouses in a mint box

(Great for those unexpected long waits with children!)

and my favorite, the zip line!

Great stuff to keep little hands busy!

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