Friday, March 4


Oh, I forgot to mention….during the little-boy-sock-shortage-incident, I also could not find my keys
for an entire week. This is a long time and entirely inconvenient for a mother. I knew they would show up eventually. I remembered having them when we came back from an errand and as I was unlocking the door they dropped out of my hand and into a flower pot by our front steps. One of us picked up the keys and brought them inside.

I wasn’t really worried.
I figured they were under one of my piles of papers.

I have misplaced keys before so, over the past summer, I specifically bought a bright, blue, stretchy, band and toggle so I could locate them very quickly in the bottom of a bag or across the room.
The plan has worked beautifully.
The only flaw…..

I can’t see them through wood.

Or more specifically, I can’t see them inside a closed, wooden, pirate, treasure chest!!!


Yep, when I was tidying the living room, I lifted up the lid of this treasure chest to toss in a plastic, gold coin and there were my keys.

This little pirate apparently forgot where he buried the treasure!!!


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Photo: Diamonds for dessert

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