Thursday, April 29

Oh, No!

No, no, no, no, No!

My husband, God bless him, played music at a charity event, at The Walters Art Museum, last week. He had a great time and the guys from Charm City Cakes were there serving their fabulous cakes too! Yes, he got a good look at Duff Goldman, from Ace of Cakes, and some of the crew actually came over to my husband and complimented him on the music!

Well, when he came home later that evening, he brought home an evil pie! It was a lemon pie. Not just any lemon pie, a Dangerously Delicious lemon pie. I am not a huge pie fan, but let me tell you, this pie was out of this world, just looking at it made my mouth water. It was so delicious. I savored every bite! I am not even going to mention how many pieces of this slice of heaven I did or did not share!

If you are ever in Baltimore, and in need of an excellent piece of pie and a cup of coffee, swing by this little store, Dangerously Delicious, and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed! YUM!!!

Wednesday, April 28


Some people have great ideas. Do you know what is even better than a great idea? Implementing them!

Friday, April 23

dear neighbor,

Dear Neighbor,

I apologize for the fruitful display of dandelions on your beautiful lawn this spring. You see, my boys and I have passed your yard at least a hundred times last year on our walks through the neighborhood. We enjoy walking past your yard and admiring the carefully manicured flower beds and perfectly edged sidewalks. Also, we have fun finding the letter “W” that hangs on your garage door. But even more than that, my boys love snapping up the irresistible, white, fuzzy dandelions on the ground near your yard and blowing them with all their might. They stand there in amazement as they watch the ‘tiny parachutes’ pull away and sail to other worlds. By the looks of your lawn, I don’t think they got very far. So I am apologizing for the over-abundant crop of dandelions this spring and have asked my boys to just kindly observe their beauty and restrain from reseeding your beautiful lawn.

In the meantime, I enclosed a recipe for Dandelion Blossom Pancakes!!!

Inge and her very curious boys

robin's egg blue

Today, my youngest found a lone, blue, robin’s egg. The smooth, tiny shell didn’t have a crack on it and was still warm. The spot where it was found was in one of my flower gardens and nowhere near a nest. The boys cradled the blue egg wondering if there was a tiny, baby bird inside. My six year old suggested we put it in a spare nest that sits tucked away under some vines in hopes a mother robin would find it and keep it warm. With high hopes they carefully set it inside the artfully woven nest promising to check on it in the morning.

Thursday, April 22

sprigs of love

I love when my little ones run over to me with a fist full of grass, flowers or ‘weeds,’ freshly picked and say, “Here, Mommy, these are for you!” With great pride they raise their tiny, muddy fists and present their gifts like a farmer after he harvested his annual crop. They are so happy to hear me say, “Are these for me? Oh, thank you. They are so beautiful! You are so thoughtful!” I let them know that I will put them in a tiny vase of water to display their kindness. And I do. I have several petite vases that are the perfect size to hold the tiniest sprig of green. When the boys come inside and see the flowers smiling back at them they beam with pride. Most of the treasures wilt in a couple days but it gives us enough time to discuss their act of kindness and how God wants us to think of others just the same. As they admire the tiny bouquet of color, I also remind them that it is God who makes the most beautiful things.

Monday, April 19

through the washer

All clean now. Hmmm...what setting do I use on the dryer for a rock? The mysteries of little boy pockets!

Sunday, April 18


Title: Art?
Medium: Watercolor and Coffee on Kitchen Table

Thursday, April 15

lightning bugs

Here is an album that my kids and I absolutely love, Lightning Bugs! The band is The Fifty 7’s and the music will have you rockin’ as you’re multi-tasking throughout the day. My favorite song is Summertime. This is music the whole family can enjoy together.

Wednesday, April 14


Last spring the boys were delighted to find this bird nest tucked neatly in our tool shed. I particularly like how the bird used the pale blue and silver ribbons to compliment the orange power cord and baby blue broom!

Sunday, April 11


Some road signs can easily be applied to life, not just the road. This one was resting on a stone wall upon leaving a cemetery. Hmmm… slow down.

Thursday, April 8

wooden heart

Yesterday was a rough day for me on many levels. You know the days where you wish you could go back and do it all over, only better. That was my Wednesday. In the middle of my little whirlwind, my sensitive, six-year-old came in from playing outside and gave me something he found ~ a tiny, wooden heart. It barely sat on my finger tip. I don’t know how he even saw it. “It’s a heart! It’s for you, Mommy!”

It reminded me of the song my husband and I used to sing early in our marriage, “Wooden Heart.” Knowing I needed to 'ask kindly' for a little love and needed to show a little love too, I put it on my windowsill as a little reminder. Sometimes it truly is the little things that count. Thanks Mom and brother, Pete for helping out too.

Please show someone a little love today.

Wednesday, April 7

one phrase

There are some days in life when one needs to focus on one phrase to get through the day, and sometimes the hour. This is one of my favorites.

Monday, April 5


We had a fun-filled weekend, packed with family, in-laws, church, cooking and more family. I hope your weekend was filled with a lot of little memories!

Friday, April 2


1 John 4:19 ~ We love because he first loved us.

Thursday, April 1

a fun mess

Sometimes it is really fun making a mess! My boys loved playing with this home made goo. It’s a squishy, non-toxic goo that hardens in your hands when you squeeze it, but flows like a liquid when you pour it. Below is the recipe.

1 cup corn starch
1 cup water
a couple drops of food coloring

If it is too thick, add some water, if it is too runny, add a bit more corn starch.

The best thing about the goo is that it is so easy to clean up. Have fun!