Friday, June 22

my heart glitters

Our house might not have much pink glitter in it,
but when my boys bring me a leaf
in the shape of a heart,
my heart glitters!

Friday, June 15

Spare yarn & sticks

My boys gravitate toward sticks. Whenever we are outside they are always finding the perfect walking stick or saying “this stick would be perfect for a bow and arrow!” It doesn’t matter how big or how small, we always end up with several “perfect sticks” when we hike through the woods. I don’t mind: sticks are free and are great for imaginative play.

The other day I thought about how they could decorate them. I pulled out some spare yarn and told them they could pick out several colors and they could each wrap a stick. They were very excited and had fun picking out the colors and thinking of different ways to wrap the sticks.

I like how they turned out.

Free sticks and spare yarn…a very easy and low cost craft!

Wednesday, June 13

planned and unplanned things

Summer has started off with a blast filling up the little squares on our family calendar.

Some things so far were planned and others surprised us.


~ End of the year home school review
~ Three birthday pool parties… 1 week!
~ A baby’s baptism
~ Joining a gym
~ Digging up part of the backyard for a flower garden & a blueberry bush
~ Going away party for a friend


~ A fish funeral
~ Computer down and out for a couple days
~ Me – down and out for a couple days with an unmerciful migraine
~ Frog-setting school frogs for the summer – thanks, Honey
~ Meeting a fascinating lady starting a horse rehabilitating farm to bring together horses and people who have experienced emotional/physical pain ~ great story/will update later
~ Impromptu cookouts, lunches and play dates
~ Fighting off yet another migraine

Some other pictures...

making new colors and shades

a beautiful rainbow

"Wag" the fish

Saying "Good Bye" to Wag the fish

Picking out plants for our garden

I’m looking forward to some more
planned and unplanned fun things ahead!

Friday, June 1

bugs & fish

My computer ate a bug.

While it is getting fixed, I have admittedly
done more yard work and laundry than usual.
(shhh, don't tell anyone)

Here is a funny link that
anyone who feeds children will appreciate.
Having three boys, I can relate.

via  nie nie

Good news:

~ Our butterflies all survived and we let them go.
~ We don't have any tornado damage in our neighborhood.  What crazy weather today.
~ We only have one more week of home school.
~ We have four pet fish!
~ I got the chance to play ping pong with my Dad this week. I LOVE to play ping pong and my Dad has a great serve I can barely return.
~ My youngest is taking a month of Taekwondo lessons and loves it.
~ God has answered some prayers in our lives that simply brings me to tears reminding me that He is Faithful.

Sad news:

~ We let our butterflies go.
~ We may only have three pet fish by tomorrow morning.
~ My youngest will have his first taste of heartbreak in the morning.
~ I have never overseen a fish funeral before.
~ It was bittersweet celebrating Memorial Day with family, knowing some close friends and family have loved ones far from home and in harms way protecting our freedom.