Wednesday, February 29

crocuses & babies

My crocuses popped up this week to announce
that spring is right around the corner.
I can't wait!
We also spotted our first robin today!


I am amazed over how many of my friends
have had babies this past year.
There are still a couple more bundles of joy
on the way that I am looking forward to holding.
One of my best friends is expecting a daughter in May.

This little baby will be surrounded with a lot of love!
She will have two big sisters
and three big brothers to snuggle with.
I can't wait!

Saturday, February 25

pretty tulips

Today was one of those blah days.
The one where you wake up sick and
can’t will yourself to do anything productive.
On top of that, my husband was home sick too.
He had a bit more energy than me and took over the morning routine
with the boys and when he crashed in the afternoon
I brought out a pop-up tent and let the boys “camp” in the living room.

It rained all day, or most of it, I think.
I didn’t go outside so I can’t say for sure.
Anyway, these photos of my tulips do make me smile.
So if you are having a blah day too,
here are some pretty tulips to look at.

The grass withers, the flower fades,
But the word of our God stands forever.
Isaiah 40:8

Oh, wait!
I did pull out a hook and some pretty yarn and
crocheted a bit…the day was not all lost!

Sunday, February 19

a new smile

He did it!
He lost his first tooth!!
My youngest was very excited about this milestone!
We were just as excited for him too!
It had been a while since there was a first loose tooth in the house.

Worry and excitement shone through his blue eyes
as he anticipated the unknown.
I made pasta with chicken and steamed broccoli for dinner and knew that the tooth would be out before bedtime.

He had three bites left on his dinner plate when he exclaimed,
“My tooth fell out!”
He was so brave and didn’t mind the little drop of blood that sat
where his little tooth was just moments ago.

It will be our last “first lose tooth” so we are savoring it!

Tuesday, February 14


My "Love post" from 2011!

Sunday, February 12

stop. motion. video.

My husband has helped the boys create a couple stop motion videos with LEGOs. After seeing their cousins claymation video they were inspired and ran out and bought some clay.

These are some of the creations they made so far.

Hopefully, I can upload a video when we get around to filming.

These are my little creations.

Here is a darling stop motion video I stumbled upon! Enjoy!

Thursday, February 9

moments of reflection

Time pauses briefly and allows me to breathe in moments.
Today, I am enjoying moments of reflection.
Moments that entwined with other people whom I love
who challenged me to grow into the woman I am today.
I am blessed. I am humbled.
I am still becoming who I am meant to be.

If we discover a desire within us
that nothing in this world can satisfy,
also we should begin to wonder if perhaps
we were created for another world.

C. S. Lewis, Mere Christianity

Saturday, February 4


There is a happy little camper in the house.
My youngest has a loose tooth!
He is so excited to join the ranks of his older brothers and finally,
finally lose a tooth!