Tuesday, March 22

pirate eye

This is an easy breakfast that wakes up sleepy pirates. Pirate Eye Ingredients 1 slice of bread 1 egg a pat of butter a pirate accent This is very simple and me matey’s like to help. Using a single slice of bread,

take a child’s size cup, turn it upside down and press

it into to the middle of the bread turning it a bit.

Remove the circle and toss it to a hungry lad.

Drop a pat of butter into a frying pan (or spray some cooking spray) and turn the heat on medium. Put the bread into the pan and crack an egg over the empty space in the bread. (No eggshells please, or you might walk the plank)

Heat it on the burner until it is firm enough to flip over. Flip it over and heat the other side until the egg is cooked thoroughly.

Serve with juice, some fruit or yogurt and you’ll have some very happy pirates.

Fun pirate music always wakes up the crew in the mornin’!

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