Thursday, February 24

"Don’t let the label fool you" Part 2

Around September,

I purchase enough socks for the boys

to get them through the cool weather

until sandal season comes.

More specifically,
I stock pile enough to keep me sane to get me through
the times when I didn’t get to the laundry
or when the socks go to that mysterious place
that keep mothers up at night wondering,

“Where did all the socks go?”
Over the last month, we have been having

a sudden little-boy-sock and underwear shortage.

As I was folding and putting away laundry,

there never seemed to be the right amount coming through.

I looked under couches, in between couch cushions,

inside snow boots and under beds.

Nope! None!

I asked the boys to hunt for lost socks

and they only came back with two socks.

I finally broke down and begrudgingly

bought another pack of socks.

The underwear part was still manageable.
We were so close to sandal season!
Then I had the thought,

“I never even checked my youngest son’s spy cases!”
He has a variety of “Spy Cases”

filled with hats, capes, light sabers, fake money,

moustaches, sheriff badges and bandanas!”

He just never knows when he will need to grab

a handy spy case in a jiffy!

They are like disguises on the go!

I have a spy case too, but it has concealer, face powder and lipstick; and on a rough day, sunglasses.
I walked in his room,

slid open the spy drawer and carefully opened several spy cases.

When I opened the black spy case,

little boy socks and underwear poured onto the floor!

I was elated to finally solve the mystery

and yet upset that he withheld important evidence

that could have helped (my sanity and) solve this case much sooner.

I called the guilty party into the room

and showed him what I discovered.

With tears filling his eyes he said,

“But those are my dress up/spy socks and underwear!”

I explained why it was not an option,

they had to go back in the drawer.

He understood and apologized.

The only thing still puzzling me

is where he got the idea of Spy socks and underwear?


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