Sunday, February 6


My mother and sister took me out to breakfast
this morning to kick off
my week-long birthday celebration.

I’m going to stretch it out through Valentine’s Day!

We went to the café, First Watch.
It has excellent, fresh food and great service.
I had the blueberry pancakes.
If there is one near you, swing by and grab a bite!

I love going out with my mother and sister.
When we all three start talking
we enter a different dimension.
There is laughter, reminiscing and a bit of teasing
and the only pauses in the conversations are for inserting food in our mouths.
Our laughter and giggles tend to spill
over to the next table
as we try our best to hush ourselves.

It really is a form of therapy.
I love watching my sister trying to control an insatiable laugh
and my mother trying to pretend she doesn’t know us if my sister and I do something too silly.

I feel so blessed to have my family live so close.
It truly is something that keeps me sane.


This year, I am asking for a sewing machine for my birthday.
I usually do not ask for anything very expensive.
But this will definitely pay for itself
initially in mending and alterations
and later in many, many ways.

My mother wanted to know if Elizabeth will get a sister.
I don’t think so.

My boys are already sketching out their ideas of what they want me to make.
Apparently, there will be a Luke Skywalker
version of Elizabeth
and a stuffed rock monster.
Hmmm, so much for the
retro, floral material I picked up last week.

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