Wednesday, February 2


I went on another fun visit to the E.R. tonight but this time with my oldest son.
He was getting some blood work done today and passed out.
He is a veteran blood donor and recently a platelet donor too!
So, this was a surprise!

After he came home from giving blood,
he felt awful and his symptoms grew worse every hour.
I took him to the E.R. to get him all checked out.
All is well, now!

Speaking of blood...
if you have the stomach of a nurse,
why not donate some this month.
Here is a link to the Red Cross
to find out how and where to donate.
With all the snow and crazy weather around the United States
their donations are low and they are in great need!
Why not check it out!

and now for some cute stuff...

look at this adorable, little tent from Dear Lizzy

and these cute cards and headbands from katie did

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