Sunday, January 16

white fluffy mountains...white fluffy mountians...

I am sick.

It was trailing me on Sunday,
catching up to me Tuesday night and by
Thursday it snuggled in to stay.

Friday night it faked an exit
and slammed me again Saturday night!

Yup, I was on the couch all Thursday and today too!

As a mother, I cannot afford to take time off.
Things accumulate and piles multiply at an insane pace.
Laundry doesn’t get done and lists……
“What lists? I’m just blindly feeling for a Kleenex!”

I really, really dislike being sick.

My thoughts/dreams dance wildly about
with the random sounds that pull me out of my half-sleep.

I glance at the growing mountain of Kleenexes.

My burning eyes close

and I start visualizing things

I could make out of that white fluffy mountain.

So for now, I am consuming chicken soup, a ton of orange juice and rest, lots of it! Also, a bunch of TLC from my very patient and kind husband and my boys!

My youngest keeps tucking Elizabeth gently in my arms.

Too cute!

I’m off to grab another Kleenex!

I hope you are well!

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