Saturday, January 15

Dream Big!

We had a little New Year’s Eve get together.
I hung up a blank 2011 New Year’s Resolution poster for guests to fill in.
People wrote some things they wanted to do over the next year and some wrote some things they wanted other people to do.

My favorite resolution is my nephew’s.
He is five.
He has bright blue eyes and golden,
blond hair that frames
his sweet, little face.
He is a bundle of energy
and can keep up with the fastest cousins.

I bundled him up before he raced out the door to see the fireworks at midnight.
Before he zoomed out, I leaned down and asked him what he wanted to do this next year.
Without skipping a beat,
he smiled real big and said,
“I Want To Fly!”

Let’s not forget to Dream Big this year!

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