Friday, January 21

Top five reasons why...

We went to the pediatrician's office yesterday and today we got the call….. my middle elf has strep throat! Yuck!

Top 5 reasons why I do not like going to my pediatrician’s office:

1. The wait is very, very long.
2. We have to sit on germy chairs.
3. We have to sit next to germy people. (including mine, when they are sick)
4. I have to pack two bags of books to make it though the long wait.
5. I have to bring snacks, drinks and usually a lunch because we get so hungry from the long wait.

Top 5 reasons why I like going to my pediatrician’s office:

1. My pediatrician ROCKS!!
2. She has three boys too. She can sympathize, relate, advise, laugh and roll her eyes with me.
3. She makes hospital visits and will take my rare, direct, phone call in an emergency.
4. The staff ROCKS!! They are extremely busy, but extremely patient and kind. They always have a smile.
5. I have gone to her for 21 years. I trust her. She is so worth the wait!


Since it has been a blah-kind-of-day here, I am going to post some pictures that make me smile!

I could look at peonies all day

I like him

I love gerbera daisies.

My oldest doing what he loves best

silly boys

red and white stripes

random things I find in my kitchen

no explanation needed


Have a great day.

Give someone a free smile today!

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