Monday, December 27

the 23rd, the 24th and the 25th

From the 23rd through the 25th it is kind of a blur of family, friends and food. But, I promised to share our 25 envelopes and ideas inside so here are the three I skipped.

December 23rd

It’s family game night!

We actually did not get around to it on the 23rd! But, we are making it up by putting together a very difficult puzzle. When we have a break and we are home for a couple of days, I like to leave out a puzzle that has a bazillion pieces! It is great as, one by one, each of us sit down next to each other and work on the puzzle together.

No one wins and no one loses.

It is a team effort.

It is relaxing and fun for us!

December 24th

Visit Grandma and Pappy and relatives! Then head over to the Christmas Eve service at church.

This was a fun time, a bit loud and crazy, but definitely fun!

December 25th

It is Christmas! This is the day people around the world celebrate Jesus’ birth! Open up presents and eat some stolen with Grandma and Pappy!


Storm Troopers descending on our little ginger bread house!

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