Wednesday, December 15

the 14th

December 14th

Buy some canned goods and give to a family in need.


I want my kids to be grateful for what they have and also to be willing to do something for those who have less.

I have been on the receiving end in ways that I will forever be grateful. Whether it was helpful advice, a job offer, a hot meal during a crises or simply a helping hand, they make a difference.

If we are able, I feel strongly that we are to give back what we can.

Around the world, there are many who go to bed hungry. And there are some that go to bed hungry not very far from your home. If you do not know a family who is in need, ask a friend, a local church or get in touch with your town’s Food Bank.

Our family finds various ways to give back throughout the year. Through donations, volunteering or visiting with an elderly neighbor. One year, my oldest son and I helped out at the Maryland Food Bank. We usually did things through our church and their mission outreach but that year we decided to do something additional. I can tell you that it was very rewarding and educational for both my son and for me. I really want to go back and help again.
Click here to locate a Food Bank near you!

If you want an easier way to help fight world hunger, here is a link called freerice. This is a fun way to test your knowledge and give grains of rice to those in need. For every question you answer correctly, 10 grains of rice are donated. Check it out when you need a break from baking, cleaning or wrapping presents!
It is fun!

It is the little things that count.
They add up over time.
The seeds of kindness that are sown today grow and multiply.

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