Saturday, December 11

the 10th

December 10th

Make paper snowflakes and hang them around the house!
(one of my favorite things to do)

I love paper. I really love paper. I like buying paper, organizing paper, selecting the perfect paper for a project, feeling paper, making paper, cutting paper, sewing paper and challenging myself to the next level of what I can do with paper.

I have to thank my mother and father for being incredibly creative parents. All five of their children are very creative in their own ways.
At age five, my parents could do anything, everything and more!

They amazed me.

I would sit and watch my mother draw, sew, paint or bake
and wonder if she was born perfect.
She used to joke she could make anything out of a brown, paper, grocery bag. I believe I have seen her use a brown, paper, grocery bag about fifty different ways in my life time.
This is true!

My father is a good mix of Charles Ingalls and MacGyver. My father can pretty much design and make anything with wood. And in a pinch he can use anything in a room to fix pretty much anything. It’s true. I have seen it myself. I have witnessed him use a wire hanger about fifty different ways in my life time.

I think what attributed most to our creativity
was the fact that

they did
things with us
and spent time
teaching us how
to do things.

Thanks Mom and Dad!

I love you!


  1. Your description of your parents is absolutely accurate.... I love them too, and I love this idea of Andrea's with your personal twist.


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