Tuesday, November 15


things I am enjoying right now:

crocheting warm, fuzzy things to keep my family warm and toasty
walks in the woods with my boys
the smell of Fall
pink cheeks
cozy sweaters
leaves changing colors
crunchy leaves under my feet (outside)
not being sick
my six-year-olds excitement over his first loose tooth
looking forward to Thanksgiving
baking cookies with the boys
flowers from my man.....xoxo
watching my oldest son pass along to others things he has learned

things I am not enjoying right now:

earlier sunsets
cold settling through the house in the evening
wanting to start a hundred projects at the same time
little boys red, chapped lips
the Mt. Vesuvius pile of coats/hats/mismatched gloves/scarves that grows daily
38 new whistling NERF-gun bullets lying around the house (thanks, honey)


Some random pictures of stuff we have been doing…

(this button is a tiny snapshot of a future post)

I love this sign!


and a random post...

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