Wednesday, November 30

crochet...Kipper...and a fever

The youngest fell sick today with a fever. So as we read books, rested and watched some Kipper videos I did a bit of crocheting. In my imaginary spare time, I have been learning some basic crochet techniques. Art of crochet by Teresa has some very good tutorial videos. She explains what she is doing, what size hook she is using and then shows the technique in slow motion. I like learning this way. I am thinking of crocheting a blanket out of extra yarn that I have been given and some that I have had around the house for a while. I have been inspired by this blanket.

source: lemondedesucrette

No, my blanket will not look like this. I have three boys. Nothing in the house stays white for very long. If I follow through with the blanket idea, it will have a darker border. We’ll see. So far, I have learned to do a flower, a granny square and a basket weave.

My six-year-old showed interest two weeks ago and has crocheted two rows with help. And today, my eight-year-old asked if I could teach him to crochet so he can make a blanket for his stuffed monkey. He is making progress with a rainbow design with some help too. If my little boys can do it...then you can too! If you are interested check out Teresa's videos!

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