Tuesday, October 4

Jiminy Cricket!

I have been driving around in the car the last three days with a cricket somewhere inside it. I first thought it was a squeaky wheel and then realized that it was in fact a sneaky cricket. I can’t find it; although, I haven’t looked for it, which might explain why I haven’t found it. I am not afraid of crickets, I just don’t like them jumping in my face, especially when I am driving. Oh, I can envision the scene and sounds right now. Sometimes its’ chirping is distant and other times it is too near for my comfort. Maybe it is in the trunk. It’s kind of funny, because my bad word that comes out when someone cuts me off in traffic is “Oh Jiminy Cricket!” I did notice the chirping was getting fainter and fainter today. Maybe it’s battery is running low.

Anyhoo, now that my battery is almost recharged, tomorrow I will post some pictures and stories of what I have been up to!!!

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