Thursday, September 15

frolic and explore...

When the kids begin that nit-picking routine with each other late in the evening, you know the one that starts off with the tit-for-tat comments and not far behind comes an escalation of voices and tears and “I’ll never play with you again!” yeah that one;
this is where I whisk them off before the evening starts to completely unravel....


There are no toys to fight over, no rooms to pout in, no distractions and just a heck of a lot of space! And boys need a lot of it!

Even if it is for thirty minutes, a change of scenery does the whole family good.

Combatants become friends again.

Fingers point to guide our eyes toward something interesting not at a culprit.

Even I get pulled out of my own maze of thoughts and simply absorb the colors, sounds and smells around me.

It is hard to be in a bad mood outside with nature beckoning you to frolic and explore.

And if you have forgotten how to, follow a child’s lead, they will show you how.

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