Friday, October 14

a guest and a darling, fun craft

My seasonal affective disorder is starting to settle in already. Which led me to swap out the 60-watt light bulbs for the 100-watt ones. I know, I know, I am guilty of a bigger carbon footprint or whatever. But we recycle, upcycle, craiglist, garden, shop at second hand stores, at local markets and farms and volunteer a ton, etc. So I think somewhere it will all balance out. Grey days, which lead to mental and physical inertia, are my personal nemesis so I tend to gravitate to light, color and anything happy, peppy and positive during these cold, dark months.

One thing I tend to gravitate toward is my sister, Alice! She is pretty positive, spunky and creative. And with two little girls to keep her on her toes she is always churning out great ideas. I keep telling her I need to come over to her house and photograph her creative ideas, shortcuts and space savers as other mothers would absolutely love them. She is so smart and savvy with design, space and color I sometimes feel like I should be paying an entrance fee just to walk through her house and glean ideas. It really is beautiful.

Anyway, I’ve been pestering her for some time, as sisters do, to throw some stuff my way so I can share some of her creative juices with you all. So here is my sister’s first guest post!



Floral Hair Accessory –
by Alice

This is a quick and easy craft project.

Your girls will enjoy picking their own flower for this project. It’s best to use a 'flat profile' flower so it will lay flat to your head.

You will also need 1/4" elastic, felt, and hot glue.

First, cut the felt into a 1 inch circle and your elastic into a 1 inch strip.

Second, fold your felt in half and cut two small slits a 1/2 inch apart then thread the elastic through these slits (see image).

Third, hot glue the felt circle to the back of the flower making sure the elastic ends are also glued and then trimmed.

After it is dry, use the elastic loop on back to slide onto a headband or barrette.

Have Fun!


I love it!

I can’t wait to make one myself!

Thanks, Alice! You Rock!

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  1. Cute idea! You both make such a great team of creativity!


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