Monday, October 24

a Halloween workspace

Uh, forgot to ‘decorate’ your workspace for Halloween.
Don’t worry, I've got you covered.
On your next break, zip over to a craft or dollar store and grab a bag of googly eyes. I snagged some eyes at Jo-Ann Fabrics for 49 cents ~ cha-ching! Once you are back at your workspace, locate any adhesive: tape, glue or chewing gum (alright, scratch the last one) and put it on the back of some googly eyes. Look for anything to stick these eyes on (except co-workers, family members and pets). Below are some ideas my boys and I came up with….Have Fun!!!

Warning: Googly Eyes on office supplies can produce smiles, giggles and laughter. They can also alleviate the mood of all who see them. Also, keep out of reach of small children or co-workers/family members that are hungry.

: )

(I know. We really had too much fun!)

I hope this made you smile. Pass the FUN along!

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