Wednesday, May 5

Surprise guest!

This morning we had a surprise guest arrive at our house! My oldest son saw a small turtle in the middle of the road and decided to rescue it from imminent danger. He knew his younger brothers would be thrilled seeing a real turtle and brought it to show the boys. He was right! They were ecstatic! They squealed and laughed and studied our little guest for hours as it explored our back yard!

Of course, the boys wanted to keep it. My husband agreed to let the turtle stay for a week and then they could let it go near a stream down the road. They fixed a small wooden home for it and the boys put in a small wading pond and found grubs, worms and green, juicy leaves for it to eat.

From what we’ve read, we think it is a boy. It is a good thing because the six-year-old already named it, Tommy, and the four-year-old already named it, Robin.

Later in the day, my youngest son told his oldest brother, “You made our day!” And he did!

Good night ~ Tommy/Robin!

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