Saturday, May 8

my mother

Dear Mom,

Whenever things get rough for me as a mother, I just stop and think, “My mom stayed in the house tending to her five, little chicks, which were covered in chicken pox from head to toe, for an entire month!”

An entire month!

No car, no family near by, no cable, no DVD’s, no computer, no cell phone, just pure survival skills, a Can-Do attitude, a hands-on, team-player husband and a lot of prayer!

“So, if my mom can do that for a month, I can push on a couple more days too!”

Thanks, Mom, for the big and little sacrifices you made for us. And most importantly, thank you for showing us God’s grace and mercy during difficult times!

Love, Inge

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  1. Thanks,Inge,

    I was young and strong then,and it was worth all the effort. You were miserable with a lot of chicken pox in the diaper area. I tried sleeping with you one night. I was glad when the chicken pox were gone!



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