Monday, May 17


I need to limit the amount of material I am reading at the same time. They are mixing together in my dreams and leaving me dizzy when I awake.

My latest dream…

I am in Pakistan, descending K2, it was more than a rough night and I am physically exhausted. A panda comes in my tent, eats a sandwich and shoots in the air. As the panda leaves, Anthony Robbins skips in and asks me what I am proud of in my life. I offer him some mint, onion tea as I wonder in which of the five love languages I should answer him. “At least my tent is fireproof” I think to myself. As I descend down the mountain, I realize I need a bridge first, not a school. I stop to snap a Polaroid of a breathtaking scene. Hopefully, I can reach the Stone Table before I run out of oxygen and get my needed supplies. I order painted butterflies with my blackberry before I go further, when I realize my online account has been hacked. Is hacked an onomatopoeia? Are hackers good or bad? Hunger overwhelms me, and I drop my light saber, as I chew a piece of bland, grilled chicken which I carefully wrap in a FAFSA form. A Fruit of the Spirit would taste so good right now. “Just be thankful you are wearing your foxgloves, Inge.” How long do foxgloves bloom anyway and do I have to feed them too? Anderson Cooper pokes me, and I try to figure out if “Cooper” should be one of my six-year-olds sight words for the double “oo” section in his phonics book. This descent has been most difficult but nie nie has harder days than this. I must push on. If only I could PhotoShop an airplane to rescue me from this unforgiving cliff, I could meet with Dr. Sears and discuss this whole recall thing!

Upon awakening, my jaw is throbbing and I realize it’s not a bridge for Korphe students that I need but a bridge to help correct my TMJ. Ugh, I need a nap.

Can you tell what I have been reading?

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  1. I know what you are reading: Three Cups of Tea, Narnia...and more. I think your meds have scrambled these books into a crazy dream. Thanks for sharing it with us all. Mom


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