Monday, May 10

:: attention :: if you don’t like needles, skip this post : )

As life goes, unpredictable, but ah…adventurous, I welcomed Mothers’ Day in the hospital. I’m fine. I just had some symptoms to get checked out. Extreme jaw pain (dentist and x-rays could not see anything else, but possible grinding), muscle neck spasms (which a chiropractor worked on) and a pinched nerve in my thumb which drove me absolutely insane. As the symptoms grew worse Saturday evening, I reluctantly gave in to a late night visit to the E.R.

Back labor, migraines, sciatic nerve pain and getting needles are my top four worst sensations I have experienced to date. I am not afraid of getting a needle. I am afraid of the unqualified nurse that is using me as a pin cushion as she “learns” how to stick a large, sharp, metal, object in my tiny, delicate, sensitive vein. After the two newbies did needle point on my hand for fifteen minutes, Angie, the veteran, came in and got it on the first shot. I love you Angie!

After, tests, more x-rays, two CAT scans (the first one was botched), and some lovely pain meds, I was sent home glowing green but smiling. Final verdict is some dental work and a fancy night guard to fix the TMJ, some more chiropractic care and a little TLC!

:: Good Times ::

So these are pictures of the first half of Mother’s day in the hospital.

And the next set of pictures, are from the second half.

And to you, a belated Mother's Day, to all of you who nurture others in the daily, unseen tasks that sometimes only you and God see. Bless you all!!

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  1. Inge: I'm sorry to hear about your mother's day er visit ... but glad you are okay now! I must say, it makes me laugh that needle sticks are in the same category as back labor and migraines for you. I've gotten used to needles over the years, and have been told by every phlebotomist that I have "very nice veins." However, although I have never been stung by a wasp or bee, I am TERRIFIED of that happening, and isn't that sort of the same category? Actually, bugs in general make me uncomfortable. (Yes, I did read your post about bugs and little boys. :-)


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