Friday, March 19

a smaller carbon footprint

We have such an earth-friendly, conscientious car. It sustained jobs at our local, auto repair center and consumed a bunch of our green paper over the last year. And today, on my way to take the boys to their doctors' appointment, it decided to make our carbon footprint even smaller. Yes, it composted the transmission.

What I learned today:

Transmission fluid is red.
People don’t like transmission fluid on their driveway.
Local county fire departments put kitty litter on transmission fluid that is flowing down the street to soak it up.
Everyone loves to slow down and stare at a fire truck, tow truck and stranded passenger on the side of the road.
(O.K. I knew the last one)
Riding high up in a tow truck can be fun.
Roadside service is so worth the annual fee!

The little things I am thankful for:

No one was hurt.
I had my cell phone with me.
My oldest son (21) was able to pick up the younger two so I could wait for the tow truck.
The tow truck driver gave me a ride to the auto repair place and home.
I am in walking distance to grocery stores and parks until we figure out what to do next.
People don’t mind if you cry for a good reason.

Gotta love those granola, hippie cars. R.I.P. Pontiac Bonneville!

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