Friday, March 12


Hello, my name is Inge. I hope you enjoy skipping through this blog as much as I am excited about creating it! Over the years, some of my most creative friends have encouraged me to start a blog. I was humbled. I thought to myself, “Oh, right, like I have the time and what do I have to offer that is so different from the plethora of blogs out there?” But the truth is, every one is unique and has something to offer, yes, you too!
After dancing with my excuses for some time and finally getting tired of them, I made the plunge.

Call me crazy, but on three hours of sleep (from a late night rendezvous in the E.R. with my four year old), I decided this was going to be as good a morning as ever. Because this is life! Life beautifully unfolds one day at a time, with constant interruptions or blessings.

We choose how we view them.

I never truly know what the day will bring. I make plans and then life happens. So, I try to focus on the important things in my life ~ family, friends and glorifying God.

And when I have time, I snap pictures of the little things in my life that make me smile. I hope through this blog I can bring a smile, an understanding nod, a little laugh and a place where you can come and relax. Enjoy!


  1. О! Hei blog yang sangat bagus! Man .. Indah .. Amazing .. Saya akan bookmark blog anda dan mengambil feed juga ...

  2. Thank you! I am glad you are enjoying the blog! Have a great day! : )


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