Saturday, March 20

all clean

Unfortunately, when my car lurched yesterday, I pulled into the first driveway I could with the intention of turning around and trying to make it to my mechanic’s repair shop. I didn’t make it. When I saw the smoke coming from the car, I quickly switched the car off and got the children out. That is when I saw red fluid leaking from my car. I couldn’t pull back into the street as there was no parking and cars were pouring past.

No one was at the house where I parked, so before I left the scene, and it was a scene, I left a note with my name and phone number on it, a brief explanation and the assurance that I would come back to clean the driveway. He called. I’ll just say the conversation was short and to the point. He was rightly perturbed but pleased I had actually left my information and was willing to clean up the mess.

Mr. Don, my awesome, handy neighbor and I were going to swing by and scrub the driveway today, but at the last minute, my lovely husband stepped in and offered his help. They used a product called, Zep, a concrete driveway degreaser and cleaner. It worked magically!

Although it was a bit traumatic having my car die on me, I was able to snap a photo while I was waiting for the tow truck. This is my reflection in the red, transmission fluid that is no longer there. Thank you Greg and Mr. Don, you guys Rock!!! Now, if I could magically find another car…

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