Wednesday, March 24

Just 5 minutes

Occasionally, I will get the urge to paint my own finger nails just for fun. Every couple of months, I actually convince myself that I can squeeze in 5 minutes of “uninterrupted time” to treat myself. What I habitually forget, is what follows after I am finished painting the very last nail. Inevitably, someone needs me to get a knot out of a shoe string, a zipper unzipped, a stubborn Lego pried off, or some other procedure that involves multiple fingers and contortions. No matter how gingerly I approach the tasks, in less then an hour, my polished nails are left with nicks, scrapes and smudges that smile up at me in a knowing way. So, this time around, when I painted my nails, I decided to ‘take a picture, because I knew, it would last longer!’ Cheers to all the women out there whose lives keep their hands busy and their nails unpolished!

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  1. This blog reminds me of the children's book "Five Minutes' Peace." It recounts a time when the mother elephant, Mrs. Large, goes into the bathroom to soak and unwind with a cup of hot tea. One by one, her 3 little elephants join her until they are all in the bathroom sharing their interests with her. They all end up in the tub. Read the rest of the story to find out where she went and had 3 minutes and 45 seconds of peace...finally. Every mother of young children can relate to this story. However, later when the children are grown and gone, this same mother will say, "It' so quiet!" I know, I've been there. Mom


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