Wednesday, July 11

lemonade ~ stayin' cool

Wow! We have had some intense heat here in Maryland. The highest temperature was 104 with the heat index hovering around 110!

There were a couple days I snuck out after breakfast to water our garden and flowers and came back in dripping wet from the humidity and heat.

On top of that heat, we had some incredible storms pass through as well. The storms knocked out power to thousands of people in this sweltering heat. Thankfully, we only lost our electricity for several hours.

I’ve been pulling out my old tricks to keep my boy's little hands busy as we have been staying indoors to stay cool. I decided making lemonade would keep their hands busy and refresh us as well.

I found Paula Dean’s lemonade recipe online and decided it was simple enough for the boys to make with the help of my husband.

The boys enjoyed cutting and squeezing the lemons.

And my husband made the simple syrup.

Careful pouring.

It was delicious!

The boys gave it two thumbs up!

It was easy, fun and refreshing!

We will definitely keep this recipe on file!

Cheers to stayin’ cool!!

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