Monday, April 4

Kitchen table fun #2

This is what my kitchen table looks like some mornings.

Even before I have finished my first cup of coffee,

the table can be covered in scraps of something.

I prefer scraps of felt opposed to ants being on my kitchen table.

I love being creative and making things! Thankfully, my boys like to make things too. They come up with some really creative ideas and we run with it. This week I pulled out our flannel board and felt shapes.

As the boys played, they got some ideas of other things we could make to add to our collection. We added, a mountain, some fire, a sword, a shield, stepping stones and a cat.

I found flannel boards to be a creative tool in teaching colors, counting, sorting, and story telling. I bought some inexpensive felt squares in a variety of colors at a craft store to cut out my own shapes. I also bought a flannel board at the craft store as well.

Or you can make your own flannel board.

The times I grumble at these “messes” on the table,

I quickly remind myself to be thankful; that I have a table, the money to buy craft supplies and that I can be with my boys and that they are doing something constructive and creative.

And one day, I may be sitting alone at the same table wishing that there were little boys cutting up felt that covered the table in a soft array of rainbows asking me a zillion questions. Until then, I breathe, relax and take in the moment and enjoy the little things;

felt, ants and all.

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