Thursday, April 22

sprigs of love

I love when my little ones run over to me with a fist full of grass, flowers or ‘weeds,’ freshly picked and say, “Here, Mommy, these are for you!” With great pride they raise their tiny, muddy fists and present their gifts like a farmer after he harvested his annual crop. They are so happy to hear me say, “Are these for me? Oh, thank you. They are so beautiful! You are so thoughtful!” I let them know that I will put them in a tiny vase of water to display their kindness. And I do. I have several petite vases that are the perfect size to hold the tiniest sprig of green. When the boys come inside and see the flowers smiling back at them they beam with pride. Most of the treasures wilt in a couple days but it gives us enough time to discuss their act of kindness and how God wants us to think of others just the same. As they admire the tiny bouquet of color, I also remind them that it is God who makes the most beautiful things.

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