Friday, April 23

dear neighbor,

Dear Neighbor,

I apologize for the fruitful display of dandelions on your beautiful lawn this spring. You see, my boys and I have passed your yard at least a hundred times last year on our walks through the neighborhood. We enjoy walking past your yard and admiring the carefully manicured flower beds and perfectly edged sidewalks. Also, we have fun finding the letter “W” that hangs on your garage door. But even more than that, my boys love snapping up the irresistible, white, fuzzy dandelions on the ground near your yard and blowing them with all their might. They stand there in amazement as they watch the ‘tiny parachutes’ pull away and sail to other worlds. By the looks of your lawn, I don’t think they got very far. So I am apologizing for the over-abundant crop of dandelions this spring and have asked my boys to just kindly observe their beauty and restrain from reseeding your beautiful lawn.

In the meantime, I enclosed a recipe for Dandelion Blossom Pancakes!!!

Inge and her very curious boys

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  1. How cute! Your blog prompted me to look up "Dandelion" online. Among other pertinent info was this: "Dandelinons enjoy the best of both world's: above ground their seeds ride on the wind currents, causing propogation, while below ground, the tap root can be 10 inches long, thick but brittle; it easily fractures and any of the tap root left in the ground can regenerate the plant."

    One of the German words for the dandelion is "puste blume"...blowing flower.

    One of the amazing facts is that all parts of the plant are edible and contain more nutrients than spinach. That's impressive.

    White Sulphur Springs, VA has a Dandelion Festival.

    I have mixed feelings about the dandelion. I have to admit that it voluntarily brightens the lawn; however, I refrain from blowing the little seeds everywhere because I have been told it is a weed. But I don't have the same feelings toward the little wild violets that spread on their own.



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