Thursday, April 29

Oh, No!

No, no, no, no, No!

My husband, God bless him, played music at a charity event, at The Walters Art Museum, last week. He had a great time and the guys from Charm City Cakes were there serving their fabulous cakes too! Yes, he got a good look at Duff Goldman, from Ace of Cakes, and some of the crew actually came over to my husband and complimented him on the music!

Well, when he came home later that evening, he brought home an evil pie! It was a lemon pie. Not just any lemon pie, a Dangerously Delicious lemon pie. I am not a huge pie fan, but let me tell you, this pie was out of this world, just looking at it made my mouth water. It was so delicious. I savored every bite! I am not even going to mention how many pieces of this slice of heaven I did or did not share!

If you are ever in Baltimore, and in need of an excellent piece of pie and a cup of coffee, swing by this little store, Dangerously Delicious, and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed! YUM!!!

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