Wednesday, February 13

hearts and more hearts

I hung up our melted-crayon, wax-paper
 hearts this week. Martha Stewart has an easy
 step-by-step guide if you are interested
 in making them.

They do add that extra color
that is desperately lacking in the month of February.

I also cut out some little, paper hearts
 and put happy words on them.
Later on, when we went to a park,
which the boys lovingly call, “The Dinosaur Park,”
I taped a couple of the hearts around the playground.

My boys asked if it was alright to do that.
I told them it was O.K.
Plus it wasn’t permanent and when
we come back another day I would take the tape off.
Those hearts made me smile.
And thinking of some tired mother
or lonely child reading them
makes me smile even bigger!
Have a great day!

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