Sunday, February 3

happy ice decorations

The weather has been very cold and as grey and gloomy as Eeyore. So I made some happy, colored, ice decorations to hang on the tree out back and they turned out pretty cute!

I filled five silicone, heart baking cups with water and put a couple drops of red food coloring in them and set them outside to freeze. It was colder than the ‘Hundred Years of Winter’ in Narnia so they froze pretty quickly. Next, I put cold water in a cake pan and set it out side for about an hour to chill. When I brought the cake pan back inside, I popped the red hearts out of the baking cups and put them in the cake pan and then set a small glass in the top where the ribbon would go. I put the whole pan back outside. Again, it froze pretty quickly. When it was completely frozen, I brought the pan back in for a couple minutes and the heat in the house loosened the ice and it slid right out. The glass somehow tilted and a little water froze underneath. I just filled the glass with hot water twisted the glass out and then chipped the ice away to finish the hole for the ribbon.
I really liked how it turned out!

The heart one was easy too. I just took a Jello mold, filled it with water and put a couple drops of red food coloring. I set it outside and stuck the middle of a pink, satin ribbon down in the water and it froze with that little bit of ribbon inside. I then popped it out and tied it up on a branch where the boys and I could see it.
It’s something small but it adds a bit of color to my day!


  1. These are so pretty, Inge! We have a blank, freezing Saturday ahead of us, so maybe I will try!

    I have been reading around, and I hope your heart is healing re: eldest moving out.

  2. Thank you, Jeannine, for the kind words! I hope you have fun making some neat ice decorations! I would love to see a picture of what you made!


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