Friday, June 15

Spare yarn & sticks

My boys gravitate toward sticks. Whenever we are outside they are always finding the perfect walking stick or saying “this stick would be perfect for a bow and arrow!” It doesn’t matter how big or how small, we always end up with several “perfect sticks” when we hike through the woods. I don’t mind: sticks are free and are great for imaginative play.

The other day I thought about how they could decorate them. I pulled out some spare yarn and told them they could pick out several colors and they could each wrap a stick. They were very excited and had fun picking out the colors and thinking of different ways to wrap the sticks.

I like how they turned out.

Free sticks and spare yarn…a very easy and low cost craft!


  1. Hi Inge! I found you at Amy's!

    I love these sticks! My children love carrying around sticks, too, and this is a great idea! We've got yarn around. I'm going to show them your pictures tomorrow and let them run with the idea!

    Happy to have found your blog...looking forward to peeking around.

  2. Hi Jeannine,

    Welcome! Yes, Amy is an amazingly strong and gentle woman with so much insight to offer.

    Thank you for your feedback! It is fun coming up with ideas and sharing them. Enjoy peeking around. God Bless!


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