Friday, June 1

bugs & fish

My computer ate a bug.

While it is getting fixed, I have admittedly
done more yard work and laundry than usual.
(shhh, don't tell anyone)

Here is a funny link that
anyone who feeds children will appreciate.
Having three boys, I can relate.

via  nie nie

Good news:

~ Our butterflies all survived and we let them go.
~ We don't have any tornado damage in our neighborhood.  What crazy weather today.
~ We only have one more week of home school.
~ We have four pet fish!
~ I got the chance to play ping pong with my Dad this week. I LOVE to play ping pong and my Dad has a great serve I can barely return.
~ My youngest is taking a month of Taekwondo lessons and loves it.
~ God has answered some prayers in our lives that simply brings me to tears reminding me that He is Faithful.

Sad news:

~ We let our butterflies go.
~ We may only have three pet fish by tomorrow morning.
~ My youngest will have his first taste of heartbreak in the morning.
~ I have never overseen a fish funeral before.
~ It was bittersweet celebrating Memorial Day with family, knowing some close friends and family have loved ones far from home and in harms way protecting our freedom.

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