Wednesday, June 13

planned and unplanned things

Summer has started off with a blast filling up the little squares on our family calendar.

Some things so far were planned and others surprised us.


~ End of the year home school review
~ Three birthday pool parties… 1 week!
~ A baby’s baptism
~ Joining a gym
~ Digging up part of the backyard for a flower garden & a blueberry bush
~ Going away party for a friend


~ A fish funeral
~ Computer down and out for a couple days
~ Me – down and out for a couple days with an unmerciful migraine
~ Frog-setting school frogs for the summer – thanks, Honey
~ Meeting a fascinating lady starting a horse rehabilitating farm to bring together horses and people who have experienced emotional/physical pain ~ great story/will update later
~ Impromptu cookouts, lunches and play dates
~ Fighting off yet another migraine

Some other pictures...

making new colors and shades

a beautiful rainbow

"Wag" the fish

Saying "Good Bye" to Wag the fish

Picking out plants for our garden

I’m looking forward to some more
planned and unplanned fun things ahead!

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