Tuesday, July 26

hot, hot, HOT

I got a fun sinus infection this week. I am sure it had nothing to do with the twenty-two children I taught last week at VBS at our church. I am positive it didn’t have anything to do with the child I had to keep a close eye on because she would wander away; who came in with a beautiful, runny nose on Friday. Nope, not thinking it was any of that stuff while I lay on my couch with my ‘To Do’ lists racing through my brain.

Getting sick during a heat wave is double the fun.

I wasn’t quite sure if I had difficulty breathing because my head was so stuffy or because my house felt like a sauna by midday.

I think I dropped a pound or two from (a) sweating in the heat or (b) nausea from the medicine I am on. I was convinced it was the heat making me exhausted and dizzy until it was cooler yesterday and today and I was still shuffling through the house hoping no one would notice if I disappeared and took a two hour nap.

They noticed.

My husband took the boys out on a boat this morning so I could catch up on some things. Sleep sounded like a good thing to catch up on. I fought it off for an hour while I cleaned the kitchen counter my way. I love my dear husband, but there are his and her ways of cleaning. And the counter actually thanked me when I was finished.

This is what happens when I am sick:

I wake up in a sweaty fog and hear nothing. There is always noise in my house. So clearly something has gone awry. I support myself against things as I try my best to get through the maze of toys on the floor. I pull back a curtain and blink through the sun light and then see this out my window.

Yes, my husband thought it would be a great idea to put bubbles in our outside blow up pool. The boys were clearly thrilled! I could only shrug my shoulders and snap a picture.

And I also see stuff like this…

Mentos and Diet Pepsi explosions

Click here if you don't have enough ants in your back yard and you think your children would like this experiment. Cool, exploding fun stuff for boys!!!

I am not sure what other things happened while I was in bed but I think other stories will surface soon.

:: Good Times ::

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